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Shawn’s Stargate Tattoo

So a little bit of computer issues and other things have kept me quite busy. Sorry for the lull in posts! To make up for it, I bring you an amazing Stargate tattoo.

This one is from Shawn Hill and was done by Todo at ABT Tattoo Studio. Shawn says he’s a big scifi geek and loves the show. I’ll be honest, I’m not up on my Stargate knowledge, so a lot of this will probably make more sense to some of you Stargate geeks out there, but Shawn writes:

I put the Stargate SG-1 gate around the perimeter with a DHD in the middle. The gate address for Earth is highlighted in orange on the DHD portion. The Stargate is on the back of a turtle for 2 reasons. My son loves Turtles and various cultures and mythologies believe the earth is riding on the back of a turtle through the universe so it seemed a good tie in. The Stargate wormhole effect surrounds the Turtle.

He says that he’s not done inking his arm just yet though. He’s still working on ideas to turn the turtle into a full sleeve of some sort. So if you’ve got suggestions, let him know!

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