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Reader Ink Round-Up #1

Here’s a batch of reader submitted ink. If you’ve got a geeky tattoo, send it in with your story! Email to

Adele sends in ger geeky tattoo, a Library of Congress call number for The Day the Universe Changed, a book by James Burke about science, history, philosophy, and technology.

Derek Jensen also sent in his two geek tattoos. The first is the Apple logo mixed with aperture blades from a camera lens. He’s a longtime Mac user and photographer and got the tattoo down when he started his own photography business. The other ink is the Jedi symbol, in honor of George Lucas and Derek’s love of Star Wars. Both tattoos are by Tim Palmer at Palmer’s Tattoo in Marshall, MN.

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3 Responses

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  1. Tracey says

    The day the universe changed is an amazing book/12 part video set.
    I geekily <3 that tattoo

  2. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    Anyone who gets the Apple logo tattooed deserves nothing but unending torment and mocking.

    Apple are a shit company who produce shitty computers only pretentious wankers purchase in order to impress and astound their retarded artsy film college friends by placing their “wonderful” MacBook Air into a brown envelope.

    This trick is repeatable with any Apple user’s worth in society.

  3. satans lil helper says

    star wars is hands down the best fictional universe known to man anyone who says other wise will be strung up by their feet with throts cut an every ounce of blood drained from their lifeless body