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Hack the Planet Tattoo!

Brad’s “Hack the Planet” tattoo is just plain awesome. I don’t know what else to say about it, well other than that I’m grateful we don’t have to go around hunting in trash cans for floppy disks anymore. I’m not sure which shows my age more, remembering the movie Hackers or remembering the days where […]

Amber’s Collection of Geek Tattoos

You might recognize the Duck Hunt tattoos above.  That’s because I posted them before, but had no idea who the owner was until Amber (aka 8bit4life) contacted me.  Not only did she solve the mystery of ownership, she also showed off a couple more of her geeky tattoos! Her first tattoo was an Invader Zim […]

Nintendo Light Zapper Collage

I have a fondness for the old school Nintendo light zapper guns, so of course I love this set of geeky tattoos on Jess (aka ShadowSoldier).  She loves video games and specifically has a love for the old addictive classics: Pac-Man, Mario, Duck Hunt, etc.  Her collage of old school gaming goodness started with the […]