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Doctor Who TARDIS Tattoo!

Doctor Who TARDIS Tattoo!

I’ve posted a number of Doctor Who tattoos in the past, but I must say, Jenni’s tattoo might be one of my favorites. Great design and great color. But it’s not on Jenni. She’s the one that inked this on someone who rekindled her love affair with the Doctor. She explains:

Hey there, stumbled on your website and thought I’d submit this tattoo I finished yesterday! I did this tattoo on my favorite companion, the biggest whovian I know who, resparked my love for the Doctor. After we watched Seasons 1-6 of the new series back to back to back, all I had to say was “Soooo, can we do a Doctor Who sleeve on you?” and he was sold! This is the first of hopefully many Doctor Who tattoos (and of course we had to start with the TARDIS!). Just thought I’d share.

Jenni, Heart and Soul Tattoo, Albuquerque NM

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Frank’s First Geeky Tattoo

my firts geek tattoo

Frank (aka puffy) sent a simple email with his 1-up tattoo:


Here’s my first Tattoo ;-)
“Died for one up”
I’ve got this Tattoo from Dr-Wkd Artworkz @ Evil Kaneedle in Ulm Germany last week.

I saw this tattoo a few month ago in the internet and it was Love at
first glance :-)

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Star Trek:TOS/TNG Combadge Mashup

Nothing like a good old-fashioned, no wait.. new generation.. no, old fashio–dammit it’s a mashup! Unable to choose just one, Andy Balkus got this tattoo of a combination of the original Star Trek and the Next Generation combadges. He writes:

I got this because Star Trek has been my moral compass since early childhood. Both The Original Series and The Next Generation spoke to me and really shaped my outlook on life. It lead me into a life of public service, including The Marine Corps and law enforcement. Sure, they got a little preachy from time to time (thanks Wesley Crusher) but it’s way simpler and a lot more forgiving than any established religion.

Tattoo by Rob at Brookland Park Tattoo in Richmond, VA.

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We’re Grown-ups Tattoo

Kate sent in her xkcd inspired tattoo. This “Grown-Ups” strip is one of my favorite xkcds too. Right up there with “Cat Proximity”, which is unsurprisingly also an xkcd tattoo on someone else.

Tattoo done by Pat at Green Man Tattoo in West Hartford, CT.

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Go Directly To Cthulhu, Do Not Pass Go

Kyle sent in his “Cthulhu Monopoly Guy” tattoo saying he got this tattoo because it makes him laugh. Inked by Chris Subi at HabitTats in Goldsboro, NC.

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Sailor Jerry Leia Tattoo

“e. rainbow burian” wrote in about her slightly non-standard Leia tattoo:

i wanted a Star Wars tattoo to commemorate my love of the movie, but i didn’t want the usual Slave Leia (really, haven’t we seen enough gold bikinis? ;) – i also absolutely LOVE pinup girls and the Sailor Jerry style in general, so i thought i would go ahead and combine the two.

She says that Gary at Cap City Tattoo was responsible for the drawing and inking of this classic Star Wars beauty. And luckily “e.” is blessed with two legs so she can get a matching “Sailor Jerry” Rachel from Blade Runner.

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Fire Mario is Back!

Jimy writes in:

Hello my name is Jimy Burke I’ve loved super mario since I was a kid and wanted a really unique tattoo. The tattoo artist was named big ron out of the tampa bay area, which is where I’m from also, he jump between shops before I lost touch with him.

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Doppler Effect Tattoo

Doppler Effect Tattoo

When Gordie Cavill won 2 hours worth of tattooing in a Facebook contest he decided he wanted something geeky. Passing up the normal dopamine and serotonin tattoos, as well as the equations and other common geeky tattoos, he decided on a graphical representation of the Doppler effect. I’d say that was a good choice.

Tattoo by Cal Jenx.

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R.I.P. Cubey

R.I.P Cubey....... in remembrance of my faithful companion from portal......

Sarah sent me an email that just said: “R.I.P Cubey you will be missed……….” (Yes, there were that many periods.)

She also included a link to Skunx Tattoo where I assume she got this remembrance of a dear friend inked.

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Lacie’s Silent Hill and Ceratosaurus Tattoos

Lacie writes:

My dinosaur and silent hill tattoo were done by my husband Allen Spurlock @ Studio2 body art in Monroe, la…I got my Silent Hill tattoo because im completely obsessed with the games and anything horror related and my dinosaur tattoo is of a Ceratosaurus, i got my dinosaur tattoo because ever since i was a little one i’ve loved dinosaurs…

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