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Jinkies! It’s a Velma Tattoo!

Velma Tattoo

When someone named “Spider” emails you, talking about how his love for Velma was so great that he had to get her inked on him, you know they’re good people. Spider writes:

I have had the biggest crush on Velma since I was a small child. She is the perfect woman, smart, sexy and who can say no to a bespectacled beauty in an orange sweater? So it only made sense to have her immortalized on my body. I went to my artist, Ashley, and asked him to help me design her perfect form. I wanted it to be clearly Velma but with a definite tattoo-like appearance. I gotta say I love the result.

I have to agree. Who wants that high-maintenance, vain Daphne? Give me a wicked smart girl that can figure her own way out of a bind any day!

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