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Geek Arm Collage

Sometimes you just can’t decide on which nerdy tattoo you want to get… so you get them all.

Jason B from Kenosha, WI describes his geeky arm collage:

– The molecule is polycarbonate since I have worked in plastics for 13+ years (Praying Mantis Tattoo by Tsunami  Denver, CO)
– The transistor because it is the greatest invention since the wheel (Solid State Tattoo by Julio Milwaukee, WI)
– DON’T PANIC  since The Guide is my favorite book series (Liberty Tat2 by Eric Antioch, IL)
– The screwdrivers because I am a maintenance manager and tools are my living (Bound by Design by Alyssa? Denver, CO)
– Geek in CAPTCHA because… well I’m a geek! (Liberty Tat2  by John? Antioch, IL)

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