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Final Fantasy Chocobo Tattoo

This Chocobo tattoo isn’t Molly’s first geek tattoo. I posted her golden snitch tattoo almost a year ago. This time Molly shares her ink and flesh tribute to Final Fantasy. She says she got this tattoo because she’s been obsessed with FF ever since she started playing as a little girl. She also thinks that chocobos are “adorkable”.

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  1. Eric says

    how much did that cost? I’ve been wanting to get something similar, only I want to get a black one. They’re sweet.

  2. geôrge niêtó says

    your tatto y awesome! love it looks really sexy on you! ;)

  3. Jen says


    I have a FFX tattoo on my left forearm. It’s a slightly changed symbol that Jecht has on his chest (and that Tidus has on his shorts/necklace/earings)

  4. Troy says

    Just wondering…

    In the picture with the tattoo of the Golden Snitch, You can see a tattoo of the State of Alaska where right above where Chobobo is currently. Was that a temp or something because I don’t see it in this picture?

  5. Tatuaje says

    Wow, i think this is quite a unique tattoo, it’s awsome…

  6. steven rodriguez says

    i have the same tattoo. on the same arm. on the same spot. we’re pretty much bros for life now.

  7. Timmy says

    The detail is amazing, seriously. I'm also in love with FF. I have the L'cie brand tattoo on my left forearm lol. I absolutely love your Chocobo, I've always wanted one, but not sure if any artists I know are that detailed!

    • Fuzzy says

      I can do it. Come to Eugene Oregon, All Prophets Tattoo. I'm Fuzzy. I'm a huge nerd and would love to do a tattoo like this!!!

  8. Fuzzy says

    Just to Clarify I dont want to seem big headed or anything lol. This is an amazing tattoo! And big props to the artist! I am not trying to take away from him/her at all. Would actually love to contact them, but I am saying I would seriously be honored to do some great geeky tattoos. =)

    • Vital23 says

      Well Fuzzy its funny you mention that, I am not sure if you are still at All Prophets or not but i live in Corvallis and have been trying to find an artist to help me compile a nerdy sleeve or shoulder piece if your still around.

  9. Basty says

    Can't blame her, who wouldn't love giant chicken?

  10. Christian says

    wanna have sex,bitch?

  11. Steven says

    CHOCOBO!!! best tattoo ever, been thinking bout getting one like that just a bit different… im a huge FF nerd and i probably will get many more FF related tats but the chocobo is on the top of my list :D