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FFXIII L’Cie Tattoo

Have they really made 13 Final Fantasys? (What’s the proper pluralization of “Final Fantasy”?) Geeks love Final Fantasy, it’s true. I remember spending hours in college just watching my roommate play Final Fantasy. Not when I was supposed to be in class y’know, well at least not classes for my major I mean.

Anyways, Christopher is a big fan of Final Fantasy XIII (13 for those of you that don’t speak Roman) and he went out and got a tattoo inspired by it. One of the characters in the game is named Snow, and he has a similar “brand” on his forearm.

Tattoo was done by Sean at Well Rounded Tattoo. As far as we know, Sean isn’t a Fal’Cie, so hopefully we don’t have to worry about Christopher turning into some crystallized monster.

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