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Circular Geek

Tracie’s got three nerdy tattoos. What do they have in common? They’re all circular. (Shh, we’re ignoring her <3 and <\3 tattoos on her wrists so that we've got a theme for this here post) Tracie explains:

The first is my Seal of Rassilon from Dr. Who (upper right forearm). I got it done by Rex at Monster Ink in Saint Paul, MN.
The second is my Galactic Empire emblem (lower right forearm).
The third is my Battle Star Galactica emblem (lower left forearm). Above that I will be getting the Torchwood emblem.
The last two were done by Creed at Serious Ink in Fridley, MN.

Damn, the Torchwood emblem isn’t circular. Good thing we’re posting this before she gets it!

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