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Fire Mario is Back!

Jimy writes in: Hello my name is Jimy Burke I’ve loved super mario since I was a kid and wanted a really unique tattoo. The tattoo artist was named big ron out of the tampa bay area, which is where I’m from also, he jump between shops before I lost touch with him.

8 Bit Mario and Luigi Feet Tattoos

Feet tattoos often make me cringe because I hear they’re some of the most painful tattoos. But Tank’s 8-bit feet tattoos made me smile when I recognize the two plumbers of my childhood. He writes: I had my 30th birthday this year and my 25th year as a gamer.  When I was 5 my first video […]

Custom Mario Half Sleeve

Wow, Paul Devine’s Mario half sleeve has turned out beautifully. Quite possibly one of the best geeky sleeves I’ve posted on here so far. And it will be a hard one to beat. Love love love the pixelation on the chest, all the lines are crisp, and the colors and shading are amazing. The amazing […]

Super Mario World Items and Keyblade Tattoos

Felipe writes: Hello, my name is Felipe (I’m Brazilian) I would like to share these two tattos with the site. I hope you enjoy. The first is on the left arm. (supermario) that reminds my childhood and second  is on the right arm ,(Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts) I adore the game. Sorry for my english and the quality of the photos. (google translator is wonderful) lol thanks

Mario in a Boot!

Mary writes: I had wanted this tattoo for a couple of years now. The mario boot suit is my absolute favorite suit in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game and I had always wanted it on my leg. To me it feels like I AM the boot and i can jump on anything in this […]

Mario Half Sleeve

Moe is 23 years old, from Brooklyn, and the proud owner of the sleeve you see above. Nick from Bound For Glory in New York inked it for him after Moe told him the idea and which characters he wanted.

Quite the Colorful Mario Sleeve

Paul from Glasgow, Scotland sent in his Mario Brother’s sleeve. He says he’s been playing Mario since the age of 2 or 3 and still plays 19 years later! This colorful tattoo was inked by Laura Kennedy at Timeless Tattoo.

Paper Mario and Final Fantasy Tattoos

Daniel, a gamer since he could hold a controller and not put it directly in his mouth, started off with the Final Fantasy 1 tattoo (Thief, Fighter, Black Mage, and White Mage for those keeping track). Then he added Paper Mario. He says he’s not done yet and I’d have to agree as there’s plenty […]

Triforce Tuesday… with a side of Mario

It’s Triforce Tuesday again! Today it’s Donny (@DHouse1985) with his simple black Triforce. He says Zelda was his brother’s favorite video game and underneath the triforce is his brother’s son’s name because Donny is his godfather. Going long with the brother theme, Donny and his brother also got inked with related tattoos. Donny got Mario […]

8-bit Mario Tattoo

Gerry writes: Growing up in the 8-bit era was a huge part of my childhood, and for the last 27 years I’ve been a hardcore video game fanatic. I decided to pay homage to my roots by getting this tattoo. It was done by Geary Morrill from Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach, CA. Geary […]

Jedi Mario Tattoo

Geeks sometimes have two geeky things they love and can’t decide which one to get tattooed. One option is to get both, duh. But an even better way to fix this dilemma is to figure out a way to combine the two things into one tattoo. Shannon, the wife of a Star Wars fan club […]

The Bad Guys from Super Mario

What is it about girls and the “bad guys”? Liz sends in her Mario “Bad Dudes” sleeve for your approval. Pretty awesome in my opinion. It has all the usual suspects: Bullet Bill, Goombas, a Piranha Plant, Boo, a Spiny, and a Koopa Troopa Paratrooper. This wonderfully stylized piece was done by Kevin Starai who […]

Ben’s Koopa Troopa Foot Tattoo

Ben writes in: My name is Ben Hostetler, I got this tattoo a few years ago at an Atomic Tattoo branch in Tampa, Florida. I got an original Nintendo when they first came out back in the late 80’s as a Christmas present, and fell in love with Mario Bros. I beat the game for […]

Kelly’s Powerful Rib Tattoo

Kelly sent in her Super Mario tattoo, explaining that she got it for two simple reasons: it was her childhood and it makes her smile. I think she secretly was trying to turn into an invincible, fire throwing plumber with an extra life but then her tattoo artist at Aloha Monkey decided to throw in […]

Another Nyan Cat Tattoo

Man, I knew everyone loved Nyan Cat, but didn’t realize everyone wanted it on their skin! Zenith sent me the video of him getting his Nyan Cat tattoo. He explains: I decided to get mine primarily because I like the design. I already have a pixelated space invaders tattoo so I thought i’d mix it […]

Daniel’s Geeky Tattoos: Metroid, Mushrooms, and “Powerwings”

So Daniel has a couple of geeky tattoos. I’ll let him explain: I’ve always been a Geek at heart, As early as i can remember I’ve always played video games, My father was a gamer before I was. One of the earliest memories I have is of my father buying the Nintendo the day it […]

Yoshi Gives a Savior a Ride

Jesus and Yoshi go way back. How else do you explain the huge success of Super Mario World? Well other than the fact that it was a great game. Ian Gabriel Jordan sent in his tattoo by Ryan Willingham of Blu Gorilla Tattoo. He says, and I quote, “i got f*d up while I was […]

She’s Got a Yoshi On Her Back

For years Nikki has been trying to kick her habit, that is to say her love of Mario. Ok, that’s actually not true, who would want to kick a habit of playing Mario Brothers? Not her. So much in fact that she went to Wild Side Tattoos and Piercings and got Jerry to permanently tattoo […]

Classic Mega Man Sleeve

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (for the US readers) and/or a great weekend (everyone)! Today I bring you Don and his geeky tattoos. First up is his classic Mega Man piece. He says he chose to stick with the old school cast (“none of that Mega Man ZX47-Zero-Battle Network-Plus-Alpha bulls*** that Capcom makes now”), […]

Blooper Tattoo

You know, the first time I played the water level with Mario I was pissed. I just couldn’t get the hang of swimming and I kept swimming straight into the stupid Blooper , killing myself over and over. Bethany obviously didn’t have that problem because she looks fondly back on her childhood and the role […]

Three Extra Lives?

My name is Danielle (I’m on the right in the picture.) My brother (Ray) and sister (Natalie – the short one) and I just got some geeky tattoos together. I know the 1-up mushroom tattoo in particular is pretty popular, but we decided to get it as a “sibling tat”. We don’t really have the […]

Gun and Bullet Bill Tattoo

Jason from Jacksonville sent in his couple of video game tattoos. An excellently executed Bullet Bill tattoo from the world of the Mario Brothers, and a tribute to the Nintendo Zapper and old school gaming. Both were done by Adam Pondozzi at Autograf Tattoo. Jason also mentioned that he’s getting a tattoo from his brother […]

Tom’s Stylish Geek Sleeve

Today’s geeky tattoo comes all the way from Israel! The tattoo was sent in by a friend (with permission) and belongs to Tom Neta. Included in the sleeve is: Soul Eater, Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Gurren Lagann, Domo-kun, Gastly (from Pokemon), Deadpool, an “emo Mario mushroom”, and Bleach. A ton of stuff, but it all works […]

Sean’s Nintendo Sleeve

Gamer sleeves have to be on the top of my list of favorite geeky tattoos. I’m in luck that there are so many gamer geeks out there that get them so I can live vicariously through them. Today I’m living vicariously through Sean and his Nintendo sleeve. It features the classic characters: Link, Mario, Zelda, […]

Reader Tattoo Round-Up #11

Time for another dive into the old Geeky Tattoos inbox to round up some of the tattoos readers have sent in. First up is Jim who shows off his calf tattoo of the Legendary symbol from Halo. He got it done in Vegas at Hart & Huntington. This one was sent in by Shy, with […]